Why buy from Us?

Why buy from us?
  • Our Mission
  • - Share our culture through our products, that we are proud ,with all the world.
  • - Sell only high quality products.
  • - A friendly and efficient web shopping experience.
  • - Provide Customer service of exceptional quality, to humans for humans.
It is important to us to have policies in the following areas:
  • - Fair prices paid to producers
  • - Good working conditions
  • - No child labour
  • - No sex/ religious/ ethnic discrimination
  • - Continuous long term working relationships
The Fair Trade Advantage
·  More than ever, consumers want to know where the products they buy come from. Fair trade gives you the confidence and assurance to tell them.
·  Fair Trade products put your store in good light and create goodwill, as your customers will appreciate your caring for people and sustainability.
·  You can benefit from the most exclusive and original gifts made by family workshops, women's cooperatives and small producers who enjoy creating their work.
·  Best of all, there is a true story of an artist behind every product that you can be proud to share with your customers.
Free Shipping Worldwide
All your retail products are Free Shipping?Yes, we currently offer free shipping for all our retail orders worldwide.Yes, we did say worldwide!  So don't miss this oportunnity, no matter how many products do you order, we will send it free, you won't have to pay nothing more, we send your products with insurance, just order, wait for the delivery, and no more worries for you.

While lower prices are one reason that people shop for clothes over the internet, there is a growing recognition among retailers that people like the convenience of shopping online. They can find and buy what they need with out leaving their house, they can track their shipments, and have them delivered to their front door. This is especially true of busy mothers
As a part of promotion and Incastreasures's policy for all our customers we want to share with you a free gift with every order, is a way to show our gratitude for you.
We want you to be happy with our products and our culture, thanks you for supporting artisans and the ancient art of the Incas.

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Last minute gift ideas , free shipping worldwide, clothing apparel, and gifts. Incastreasures offers a unique variety of handmade treasures and personalised gifts for the whole family, at low price .FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Unique handcrafts of ancient Inca Culture,ethnic and andean products such as fine Baby alpaca clothing ,rugs and accesories, pima cotton,andean leather, fine jewelry in silver,chulucanas pottery, textiles, tapestries for the home decor, beautiful toys and stuffed animals for the children. Enjoy the true handcraft art at Incastreasures.
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