About Us

About Us
History:INCAS Treasures is a company formed by young entrepreneurs who want to publicize the best of Peruvian handicrafts.
PERU is a country taking extraordinary legacy as the great treasures of our ancestors: THE INCAS, who had one of the largest empires spanning almost entirely South America.

Our company owes its name to this great empire, and through this website will offer to customers many of these formidable treasures transformed into high-quality crafts, showing the art and great creativity of our artisans who collaborate and form part of the group INCAS Treasure.
In this way , we satisfy our customers because they will get better Peruvian products with competitive prices.
The goal of Incastreasures with artisans is the search for other outlet to showcase and raise awareness of the work of our artisans as well as achieve greater volume of orders which will be reflected in more work for them.
About the logo:
A Chakana (or Inca Cross, Chakana) is an Andean symbol. It is the three-stepped cross representing the southern cross and symbolising the three tiers of Inca life. The lower world, this world and the higher world. The three levels also represent the snake, puma and condor. Many buildings, temples, and religious sanctuaries are scattered with relevance to the chakana. Sacsayhuamán Temple, located inCuscoPeru, has a stone entrance shaped to form the upper portion of the chakana. Artifacts and jewelry still made by Inca descendants often depict the chakana.
The Incastreasures Logo
The hole in its centre denotes Cusco, which is termed "the navel of the Inca empire" and also represents the circle of life.
Its Twelve external corners are believed to mark the Twelve months of the year, While the four arms of the cross represent North, South, East and West.
The three different levels, representing the three worlds: Hanan Pacha, the world of above (representing the gods of the sun, moon and stars); Kay Pacha, this world (representing this life); and Uqhu Pacha, the world of below (representing death). Each of these worlds was represented by an animal: the condor, the puma and the snake. It is important to note that these worlds do not correspond to the Christian ideas of Heaven, Earth and Hell. In fact, the negative imagery associated with the snake, for example, was not shared by the Incas.
That's why chakana symbolizes the union between the worlds, the twelve months of the year, the north, south east and west, we want through the dissemination of Peruvian handicrafts reach the world.  As symbolized by the chakana to reach all sides, Incastreasures wants to get through this Andean Symbol reach all of you.

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