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Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Alpaca products and all our other products. If you are interested  to acquire alpaca wholesale products for your existing store ,on your farm or ranch , please send us an email and include your address and contact information. No special licensees are need to to receive wholesale prices. We invite you to visit every area of wholesale products  that allows you to begin selling the finest quality alpaca merchandise and have all your needs addressed. You will see how your business grow very fast with our products, we will work with you to be sure that you succeed. We can help you place your order based on our best sellers, in case you are not sure what to order.We can manage volume pricing too.

How do you fill your order: * Just send us an email with the codes and quantities that you want, we will offer several shipping and payment options to help you decide.

If you want to obtain our last wholesale catalog with prices, CLICK HERE.

Incastreasures - Wholesale Terms and Conditions
Minimum Order:
Minimum order of USD$200, (including shipping) .So you can easily get your first wholesale order to test our quality and your market
Orders of less than USD$200 are accepted from regular customers.


Method of payment:
We have 2 payment options:
1.Payment by bank transfer (wire transfer)  in any amounts.We recommend wire transfer is faster and also we can offer special conditions.
The payment is faster , you will have to go to your bank where you have your account and request a wire transfer payment, with all the bank information that we will give you can prepare the payment, is fast and easy. As soon as we receive payment we will let you know by email. Also your bank will be informed.
2.Payment By credit card and Paypal only for less of USD $ 1000 if you make the payment by  credit card you have to pay a 5.5% more of the total of your bill to the credit card company. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and all the major credit cards.
If you prefer you can pay directly from your computer, we will prepare a payment link to you by email. Is the prefered option for the first time wholesalers. You will receive your order number and the confirmation
Shipping charges for WHOLESALE orders would be calculated based on weight and size of the order according to Air Cargo rates.

Quotation of price:F.O.B. Callao, in US Dollar.
C.I.F by request, we can offer several ways of shipping according to your business needs.
Transport and insurance will be paid by customers.

Terms of delivery:According to negotiation and the productive capacity.
As soon as the products are ready and all the documentation cleared this are the estimate time to arrive at:
Delivery time and terms of incastreasures
All the orders sent by AIR CARGO are shipped with all documentation required according to your country, such as Textile Visa, Certificate of Origin, AIR WAY BILL, packing list and invoice. (Depending and what your country requested)

Mode and way of transport:
According to the requirement of the customer.
By sea for big quantities is recommended (more than 500 kilograms).
Air freight for goods from 0 to 500 kilograms split in several boxes in some cases.
Mail or Courier for samples or urgent deliveries.

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