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Handmade Handbags, Handbag with handmade embroided FLOWERS

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Cotton Wool

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Free Shipping Worldwide
Handbag with handmade embroided FLOWERS - Product id: HANDBAGS09-71 Photo01 Handbag with handmade embroided FLOWERS - Product id: HANDBAGS09-71 Photo02 Handbag with handmade embroided FLOWERS - Product id: HANDBAGS09-71 Photo03 Handbag with handmade embroided FLOWERS - Product id: HANDBAGS09-71 Photo04
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Product Overview
The national flower of Peru is the Cantuta (often spelled Kantuta or Qantuta, from Quechua qantu)(cantua buxifolia). It can be found at the high valleys of the Andean territory, in Peru and Bolivia.
The Inca legend associated with the Cantuta is the tale of two kings named Illimani and Illampu, and their sons. Both kings were powerful and wealthy rulers of a vast country in the Kollasuyo region , and both had a son they and their people held in great esteem. But as time passed, the kings became irritated at each other's prosperity, and eventually one of them attacked the other.
During the battle, both kings were mortally wounded by their counterpart, and were carried away. On their dying bed, both called their son and had them make the vow to avenge them, even if both sons were opposed to the war in the first place. Bound by their pledge, they prepared and led a second war even though they held no grudge against each other. History repeated, and both sons inflicted a fatal wound to the other.
But instead of harsh words, they generously forgave each other, and asked that their servants place them side by side on the green grass of the battlefield. Then appeared Pachamama, Goddess of Fertility, who told the young kings before they died that they shouldn't have suffered from their father's unjustified enmity. To punish their dead fathers, their stars fell from the sky, and became the snow covered mountains still named Illimani and Illampu, which are the highest peaks in the region.
The rivers of their snow slowly melting are their tears of regret, and fertilized the valleys. The Cantuta bloomed as a symbol of the people's unity, and bear the two colours of the king's sons (red and yellow), as well as green (standing for hope).
Common names include Cantuta, Ccantu, Flor del inca, Khantuta, Magic-flower, Magic-flower-of-the-Incas, Magictree, Sacred-flower-of-the-Incas.
The Flowers of the embroided handbag is a representation of the Inca legend, we use the best materials, and the best handmade effort to bring you this beautiful handbag.This is a very special handmade purse of high quality at low price, and the best is free shipping .You can start collecting the Incastreasures Handmade Handbags. As part of our policy we will add a free gift with your handmade handbag. The most original gift , by fair trade artisans, no animals were harmed to make this Handmade Handbag.
Benefits and Features
- No animal was ever harmed to make these items.
- Each one is totally unique, many are totally handmade.
- Made by Fair Trade Artisans
- Durable enough to be used a long time.

- Collect them all.
Product Information Details
Size aprox : Weight aprox: Material:
13 x 13 inches 0.44 lbs Cotton, Wool
33 x 33 cm
0.200 Kg

Manufacture Made in: Ships from:
Handmade Peru Incastreasures office - Lima, Peru

Production time: Delivery time: Washing Instructions
4 days aprox. 8 days aprox Products Information
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